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the TeleData Carrier Services

As a central hub in the Bodensee-Oberschwaben-Allgäu-Hegau region, TeleData offers not only its own fiber optic infrastructure but also fast access to strategic high-speed backbones of numerous carriers.

Since it is immensely challenging for carriers to build a global telecommunications network on their own, strategic partnerships are crucial for success.

With TeleData, you have a competent and strong team by your side. Through our own fiber optic network and our carrier services, we offer you fast access to other carriers.

We are happy to develop a concept tailored to your requirements together with you. Our local presence and thus our knowledge of the area are your advantages - contact us!

The TeleData
Carrier Services

Fair collaboration and long-term partnerships are our recipe for success.


In addition to investing in the expansion of its own telecommunications infrastructure, TeleData places great importance on fair collaboration and long-term partnerships with the cities where we build networks.

Through Open Access (BSA wholesale products), we enable other telecommunications companies to benefit from our investments. They can efficiently connect their customers via the TeleData network and forego their own infrastructure investments.

Leasing of Bandwidth and Fibers to Other Carriers


  • Own high-performance and highly available (up to 99.9%) fiber optic network, where exclusive bandwidth and fibers can be leased
  • Redundantly managed backbone network (WDM / MPLS / metro network)
  • High bandwidths up to 100 Gbit/s available
  • Continuous network expansion
  • Permanent network monitoring
  • 24/7 on-call service

Flexible Network Interconnection Options


  • Demand-oriented network interconnection options – individual solutions available
  • Connections to internet exchange points in Frankfurt and Amsterdam
  • Existing interconnections with major German carriers
  • Space in the TeleData PoP
  • HVt / KVz connections

Mobile Network Connectivity


  • Connection of mobile network sites via dark fiber
  • Continuous network expansion – even in sparsely populated areas (e.g., to mobile network sites in rural areas)
  • "Complete connections" possible through cooperation with partner utility companies (e.g., dark fiber + electricity)
  • Assistance in finding new mobile network sites
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